Gatchaman, Battle of the Plantes, or G-Force, what ever ya want to call it, the Science Ninja Team’s CGI film is still set for a 2011 release. Back in February, we got news that Imagi (Astroboy, TMNT) had shut down due to financial problems and the last news of the Gatchaman film was that they were looking for partners to help release this. Fast forward to July and we get a teaser trailer from Imagi, who is now apparently back from the grave.

While I’m sure the the teaser isn’t showing the final details of the CGI, I did enjoy the action it displayed. Like most Imagi films, it’s aimed for the kids and hopefully this would introduced a new generation of kids to this classic anime. What do ya’ll think of the trailer? Did you enjoyed the Imagi’s past films that it would make ya look forward to this? Or you think this will fail?

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