Just in case there were still some folks that thinks Hemsworth (Star Trek, A Perfect Getaway) is not worthy to be our Thor, then maybe the pic above will change your mind. Marvel Studios recently revealed another pic from the upcoming Thor film and we get this nice, wet, bulked up Thor trying to pull his hammer out (giggity). I don’t know about any of ya’ll but the picture made me question my own self as I just realized I got excited by a picture of some wet muscled man trying to pull something out. Then again, I love watching wrestling so who knows… it’s all good as long as I say no homo right?

What do you guys think? Does the picture give you more hope and excite you for the upcoming Thor film? Or you think the film was doomed from the start and nothing will make it good for you? Check after the jump for a more bigger and wetter pic and see if it does anything to ya.

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