This is the story of two childhood buddies that lost touch over the years and how Starcraft II, a long-awaited sequel to a game that consumed many hours of our generation’s teen years, brought them back together.

They played a lot of Starcraft growing up, but:

With him working on starting a family, and with me moving to a different city. We drifted apart, working on our respective lives.

And then the old friend surprised him with a copy of the game at his doorstep, along with a note.


HIT THE JUMP for the full story. WARNING: Story may make you cry like a bitch. OK. It’s not that sad, but we all have old friends that we shared games with. Friends we have, for whatever reason lost touch with. Friends and good times we miss. A story like this reminds us of those times, and teaches us how games can bring people back together. *cry…I need a tissue.

source: Reddit

I’ve been a Blizzard fanboy since WarCraft I. When StarCraft came out, it was an amazing experience. My high school best friend and a group of other friends would have LAN parties where we just played match after match. We weren’t super great players, novices by comparison to professionals, but we had a great time with it. My friend’s handle was TheManiac, he was a great friend, and I was honored to be his best man at his wedding.
With him working on starting a family, and with me moving to a different city. We drifted apart, working on our respective lives. Something I’m sure most of us can related to. We would chat every now and then, but overall, I’m a pretty poor communicator and at most, we see each other once in a year.
This year, SCII was coming out, and I preordered it and waited diligently for the release date. My wallet was lost before the game was released and GameStop put the order on hold when it tried to charge the deactivated card, I updated the card and when I didn’t get a shipping notice on release day. I checked and noticed it was still on hold, so I decide to just go buy it at BestBuy. I open up the door and there’s package delivery notice on my door.
I continue on my merry way to the concierge to pick up my package before I set out to bestbuy. I thought maybe the gamestop order went through anyway somehow. I get the package and it’s from Amazon. But I know I didn’t order it from there – but I know it has to be SCII.
I open it, and it’s gift wrapped with a note.

I just thought, it was very very sincere gesture, and I wanted to share it. Thanks Maniac, it meant a lot to me! You’re still going to have to deal with my overpowered carrier fleet however. 🙂

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