Looks like Lorena may not be such a problem to Bill and Sookie anymore after this episode

Looks like Lorena may not be such a problem to Bill and Sookie anymore after this episode


True Blood seems to be all about the blood this season, doesn’t it? Last week’s episode had so much blood in it that it was beginning to seem like overkill. And this week, the trend continued!

From the start, we got a proverbial blood fountain as Sookie killed Lorena and turned her into that goo that vampires seem to become on this show. Then Alcide killed Cooter, and Debbie (Alcide’s ex) promised that she will kill him. Nothing like a good blood feud to start the episode off right!

Then, fearing no other option to save his life, Sookie basically bleed herself dry for a blood-lusting Bill Compton. Of course, he drank too much, which caused Sookie to go into a coma and have to be rushed to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Jason was searching for information on Crystal from the drug dealer he helped take down earlier in the season. The catch is that he wants meth for the information, and Jason was determined to get it. That was, until he got a call from Tara telling him that Sookie was in the hospital.

Now, here was where the episode got interesting.

While in the hospital, the doctor’s discovered that Sookie does not have a blood type. Which is odd. And when Bill sucked her dry, he got pushed into the sun and did not burst into flames as quickly as we have seen. Now that was pretty odd as well.

And then, while in a coma, Sookie dreamt of people dancing in the woods surrounded by a glowing lake, and a woman who knew everything about her named Claudene. While no new information was learned, I believe that this woman could be Sookie’s fairy godmother and finally reveal to us that Sookie is a fairy.

Once again, Bill came to Sookie’s rescue and gave her his blood. Although this time, as soon as Sookie woke up she screamed. Not a good sign!

At the same time that this was happening, Eric extracted information about why Queen Sophie-Anne has been so interested in Sookie lately. Then he, King Russell and Queen Sophie-Anne finally freed Pam from the clutches of the Magister. And the episode ended with Russell cleaving the Magister’s head clean off, where it hit the ground and turned into bloody goo.

And Sam? He infiltrated the dog fighting ring, saved all the dogs and took his brother away from their parents. Sorry Sam, but I don’t think you’ve heard the last of them!

Lastly, any guesses on who the mysterious “authority” of the vampires is? The obvious answer would be Dracula, but this show never does anything conventional. So, we’ll have to wait and see.

This episode only had a handful of funny or memorable lines, as they moved the story ahead at a fairly brisk pace. But, here are my top three:
3) “There is only one law here – the law of nature” – King Russell before beheading the Magister
2) “They’re beautiful. They match my chains” – Pam on the Magister’s torture gift of silver earrings
1) “I want to be your girlfriend. And I really want you to taste my biscuits” – Summer to Hoyt on becoming a couple

This episode was an interesting one that slowly moved us towards to realization of Sookie’s true origin, as well as added some intriguing new mysteries to the mix. I give this episode seven and a half pints of blood out of ten.

Lastly, I am going on vacation for three weeks, so someone else will be taking over the next few True Blood reviews. But, I will be back at the end of August for the final stretch of episodes. See you all then!

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