Ladies, gentlemen and nerds of every class. Sometimes, something on the Internet comes along that just makes you so unbelievably entertained, that you cannot help but share it with the world. Just when you thought you’ve seen everything in the realm of video-mashups some cheeky bastard has gone and created the funniest, face raping video to rule them all. /Film reader Tyler S. presents a very simple idea. What if Arnold Schwarzenegger had voiced Darth Vader instead of James Earl Jones? WTF? What a genius thought, right?  Tyler takes audio snippets from practically every Schwarznegger flick and splices them over the majority of the Dark Lord scenes in Star Wars. It is brilliant on so many levels. As far as I am concered Tyler S. has just won the internet.

Stop being a pussy, NOW! And, watch the video.

Source: slashfilm

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