Oh boy!”

You know what that quotes from? It’s usually what I say every time I get a girl to flash me her boobs (which doesn’t happen nearly enough). Joking aside, if you guessed “Quantum Leap” you’d be right. Memba Quantum Leap? The Emmy-winning series about a scientist caught in a time warp, catapulting from the past to the future within bodies of different people, striving to put right what once went wrong ? Man, that show was F’N awesome. If I may digress for a moment and say that I feel really fucking old. The last episode of Quantum Leap aired back in 1993. Goddammit, it feels like just yesterday I was running home from school to see the latest adventure of Sam Beckett. Fuck time and fuck all you kids that are too young to remember it. Oi, besides letting age depress the the shit out of me I’m actually here to tell you some good news. Quantum Leap is coming back. And it will be back on the big screen. What?

Not sure how this slipped by our radar but this news actually came out of Comic-Con.  At the “A Leap of Faith—A Quantum Leap Retrospective” panel, Scott Bakula (Sam Beckett) shared the big news with the 600 fans who attended:

The good news is that Don [Quantum Leap creator Donald P. Bellisario] is working on the film script and has a big time Hollywood producer who wants to do it … It’s about time. But what I always thought would happen, happened … [that he’s now too old for the role]. But Dean [Stockwell, who played Al] and I will have a part in it somehow. Don did say that as he was writing, he told me he was having trouble, ‘getting you and Dean out of my head.’ But I know he will do it.

What the hell does “Dean and I will have a part in it somehow” mean? A Quantum Leap movie that doesn’t star Scott Bakula, what kind of bullshit is that? If they’re going to make a Quantum Leap movie, it should undo the series’ terrible ending by featuring Sam Beckett finally getting home. Having Bakula play him should be no problem, since he’s supposedly been just leaping aimlessly for the past 15 years. And, for another matter, a movie?  WTF? The thought of a movie is fairly exciting, given it be a continuation of the series, but the thematic-ness and general scope of the show really can’t be contained in a 2 hour movie. The best thing about the series was how well the formula worked: each episode having Sam “Leap”  into someone else’s body and righting wrongs. How do you move that into a two hour format without having multiple plot lines and potentially jumbling the whole thing up? It would seem far more appealing to just reboot the show with an entirely new series. Quantum Leap is so pure sci-fi, but so mainstream that it could easily pull in a whole new audience.

What do you all think? How do you feel about a Quantum Leap movie? How do you think it could or should be done?

For y’all bastards that want to take a nostalgic trip, and for all you young’uns who are curious on what us grown ups use to watch back in the day have a look-see at the series intro.

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