Who is this strange looking fellow? He’s won an Emmy and still has work even though he was a child star. On par with quite possibly the nerdiest guy in the history of nerds. I can’t tell if he’s good looking and cool or extremely strange looking and bizarre. You be the judge.bryton2

It’s little Ritchie from Family Matters, Bryton McLure, Steve Urkel’s protege in the latter seasons of the show. He was absolutely unmoving in his adoration for Urkel and not even his being the Grand Wizard of Nerdbastards would deter him from looking up to him. Bryton has been working on The Young and the Restless and even won a daytime Emmy, which is good, because he could have gone the way of his co-star Jamie Foxworth, who played Judy, and left after the 4th season and later started up a Porn Career as well as Celebrity Rehab. Bryton has kept his nose clean which puts him in the smallest tier of child stars, and we respect that about him. Last but not least? At least he lost the crazy jerry curl mullet, which by itself makes me want to fight children.

Bryton McLure, we speak your name

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