Living Storm Trooper Prank Scares Girl


The girlfriend to the roommate of some dude living in England kept giving him grief over his stormtrooper suit he had on display in the living room, so he decided to play a little prank. As puts it:

“We’re going to have to question the validity of this video on the grounds that he has Star Wars Stormtrooper armor and a girl in his apartment, simultaneously. Impossible.”

Predictable this video was…and that is why it fails. Actually no, this is not the fail we were looking for. Clearly she was forced into a corner… it was a trap. OK, enough with the lame SW jokes. This video is a clear win for 3 reasons. 1. Mutiple camera angles were used and thus sets it above the rest of the typical one dimensional slow-mo scares we’ve seen countless times. 2. Scaring girls never gets old. 3. The girl is a hot British babe. How many of you got an immediate tickle in your pants when she screamed “You Bahhhstad!”? (or was that just me?)


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