Robin Williams recently did an interview with Empire Magazine where he stated that he would love to be in a Batman movie playing anyone, and that he was originally offered the roles of both the Joker (which was taken by Jack Nicholson) and The Riddler (later filled by Jim Carrey) but even though he wanted the roles, they were taken by other actors.  So he would love to work with Chris Nolan again and do the new Batman movie.

Well, reported that Williams brought this up again in an interview with The Sun and was quick to point out that the he had just thrown that information out there, really.  He has not been offered a role in the new Batman film, nor has he been actively pursuing any roles in the upcoming movie.  Instead, he was merely putting the information out there that he wouldn’t mind playing a character, any character, in a Batman movie.  The press took what he said and ran with it, blowing it out of proportion.

Thanks for clearing that up, Robin Williams.  We salute you.  Still in the running of potential E. Nigmas are Leonardo DiCaprio (Bugger off if you need me to tell you what he’s been in), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception) and Tom Hardy (also Inception).

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