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On September 7th, 2010, the world has lost yet another veteran actor. Glenn Shadix, character actor for such films as Beetlejuice (Ortho), Heathers (Father Ripper), and Associate Bob in Demolition Man, died in his home in Birmingham, Alabama at the age of 58. The early reports are saying that the  wheelchair-bound Shadix died from a head injury obtained in a fall.

“In his youth, Shadix struggled to come to grips with his homosexuality, even partaking in “ex-gay shock therapy” at the age of 17, a harrowing ordeal he later described. A suicide attempt, however, led his family to accept his sexuality and for the young man to movie on with his life”

Glen had a lot of guts to come out at 17 years old, in a time when disco was on the rise and gay issue were neither discussed or even acknowledged. It must have been heel living in a time where being gay was a secret bigger than ‘Deep Throat’ in the Watergate scandal. At least he came to terms with who he was and benefited from that with his acting prowess.

The actor’s sister, Susan Gagne, told the newspaper ‘The Associated Press’ that he appeared to have fallen while in his wheelchair (his main method of moving around) and hit his head in his kitchen. Shadix’s website says a memorial is being held this Saturday in Birmingham.

Also, while Glen may now be gone to a better place a surprising youtube video has surfaced involving a young man claiming to be Shadix’s friend during his final months (now removed from youtube by the man). Sharing a voicemail left by a then intoxicated Shadix the night before his death. The video also has this individual claiming Glenn was romantically interested in him, even though he’s straight. Nobody may ever no if any of this is true but whatever happened was Glenn’s choice.

Glenn Shadix was an actor, a stage performer but most importantly he was himself. Doing everything from the mayor of Halloween town in ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas‘ to Senator Nado in the ‘Planet of the Apes‘ remake. Openly Gay, always an individual, Glenn Shadix will be missed by everyone, no matter who they are.

Safe Journey buddy.

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