I have a nerd confession. Robert Zemeckis‘s 1988 film ” Who Framed Roger Rabbit” was the first time that I explored my body, sexually. Before you go thinking I have a fetish for rabbits, I tickled my taint and rubbed my nub to Roger’s hot wife, Jessica Rabbit. Uh, cartoon sized breasts (literally), red hair, long legs and that raspy Kathleen Turner voice….OH MY! It was the first time when I said “I think I like girls” and also the first and last time my parents will ever catch me watching a cartoon naked.

Anyway, besides Jessica, “Roger Rabbit” was a fantastic film. A kids movie about a cartoon Rabbit who is accused of murder and needs the help of a human detective to prove his innocence. Gee, they just don’t make kids movies like this anymore, do they? Certainly a beloved, nerd classic. And, what does every nerd classic eventually get? That’s right, a sequel. For years now, Robert Zemeckis has been hinting at the possibility of a “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” sequel. In fact talks have been going on since the first film was released, but in 1998 we almost had one. A newly uncovered 1998 screen test (below), shows just how close we almost got a sequel before the end of the millennium.

Well, that’s certainly interesting, indeed. Now, what is the status on the sequel? Well, only back in April 2009 did we first start to hear rumblings pick back up again. Zemeckis had been going around saying he had a good idea in mind. Then in July, he said he’d been discussing the film with Bob Hoskins. Later that month he revealed that the original screen writers were working on a script. Now, the most recent and brief update comes from Bob Hoskins.

‘Zemekis said he’s going to do it like a Christmas Carol, but I’m 67 years old! I’ll look like a cartoon at that point! If they do it, I’m in!’

Certainly doesn’t indicate that we are any closer to a sequel. But, at least we know Zemeckis and crew are talking about it. The likelyhood of “Roger Rabbit 2” is good.

I’d really like to see a sequel. I love that goddamn rabbit. Zemeckis, however concerns me. He hasn’t done anything good in the last decade. It’s been nothing but horrible motion capture films. And, when I say horrible motion capture I don’t mean the motion capture was horrible I mean the films were horrible. I.E. The Polar Express, Monster House and Beowulf. I don’t think he has it in him anymore. Oh well, time will tell on this one, I guess.

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