For years now, Robert Zemeckis has been hinting at the possibility of a sequel to his 1988 film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”; a kids movie about a cartoon Rabbit who is accused of murder and needs the help of a human detective to prove his innocence. Talks have been going on since the first film was released, but last year, during a MTV interview Zemeckis revealed that a sequel was officially in motion. Zemeckis had been going around saying he had a good idea in mind. Then in July, he said he’d been discussing the film with Bob Hoskins (Detective in first one). Later that month he revealed that the original screen writers were working on a script. A later  quote from Bob Hoskins himself said: “Zemekis said he’s going to do it like a Christmas Carol, but I’m 67 years old! I’ll look like a cartoon at that point! If they do it, I’m in”, implying that Zemeckis will once again use performance capture. The project has been tight lipped since. MTV, however caught up with him Zemeckis again and he had this to say about the script;

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If for some reason you are unable to watch the video, Zemeckis said that screen writers Jeffery Price and Peter Seaman are still writing the script but “They’re slow.” He then said he has read some of it and that “It’s great. Oh, it’s going to be great. I think it’s going to be great.”

The words were short, but sweet. It just means the Roger Rabbit train is moving forward, and if you like me that’s good news.

While we await further news on the project I do wonder how the sequel will play out and if it will live up to the original. What do you guys think?

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