DEXTER (Season 5)

First off, I want you to read the title over again – “Everything is Illumenated.” What you may not have noticed is that there is a spelling mistake in the title. It should be “Illuminated,” but is “Il-LUMEN-ated.” Get it?

Moving on from that, this was a really enjoyable episode of Dexter mainly because, not only did every single arc get moved along significantly, but there were some great character moments intermixed with all the great television.

The vast majority of this episode focused on Dexter’s relationship with Lumen, which is (at least to me) is quickly becoming the best relationship on the series. Not only do they seem to understand one another after such incredible events happened to them, they are also helping one another move through their pasts – something Dexter soreley needed at this point.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

There was a lot of focus on the Santa Muerta case, which seemed to have been progressing for a few weeks between episodes. Apparently, the police had been setting up a sting operation at Club Myan to catch their prime suspects for weeks, with no result. But, thanks to some insightful detective work by Batista, it looks like the case will begin to move forward much faster.

Meanwhile, Deb was getting annoyed at Quinn for flirting with other girls while undercover. And, as we all knew she would, she admitted her feelings for Quinn. Based on her track record, this is not going to end well.

Dexter, on the other hand, has a brand new kill picked out and even tricked out an RV as a portable kill room. But, Lumen had other plans. She said she tracked down one of the men who trapped and raped her, and killed him. So, she called Dexter to help her clean up the mess.

This lead to very interesting scenes between the two of them, when it was revealed that the man wasn’t dead, and allowed both of them to show the differences between them. Dexter was all cool and in full CSI mode, while Lumen was freaking out and paranoid. But nothing in the episode could compare to the scenes with the two of them after they found the body. I was pretty sure that Lumen was wrong, but as soon as Dan the dentist picked up that phone, it was clear that she was right, and he left Dexter with no choice, who snapped his neck like it was a breadstick.

The moment when it happened, and the slight smile that crept up on Lumen’s face was brilliant … a little disturbing, but still brilliant. I cannot say enough about Julia Stiles on this show, she’s doing some great work!

But the fun didn’t stop there! After Dexter helped her clean up the scene and staged it with his original kill, which lead to a great voice-over with Matsuka doing was he does best.
Deb said it best with, “Thank you for the visual.”

Lumen then appeared in Dexter’s old house, which he was packing up, and took a bath (which lead to a great moment when she immensely resembled Rita). And this lead to Lumen bearing her soul, and admitting that, “I felt peace, and it’s because he’s dead.” It seems that their relationship is building, and Dexter is now going to help her find the others, as if to help both her and himself.

This was a great episode, filled with great character development moments for many characters, with many to come (I hope). I give this episode nine blood-stain slides out of 10.

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