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The world has ended.  You are surround by a hord of zombies so instinctively you gear up to… break into song?  WTF?!  At least that’s what Donald Munson thinks you should do if zombies should attack, as he so beautifully displays in his Zombie Musical which was Munson’s final project for San Diego State University.  Ironically,  I watched this after having just viewed the Buffy musical for the first time and must say it reminded me a lot of the Buffy episode.  Breaking into a falsetto while killing shit is just hilarious!  I absolutely LOVE musicals and zombies are pretty cool, in an undead sort of so I found this to be brilliant!  And although it’s not an originally composed song I still give it two thumbs up and hearing Pat Benatar’s “Invincible” as the credits roll is pure perfection!  Check out the video here!  What do you guys think??

Zombie Musical from Donald Munson on Vimeo.

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