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The Star Wars trilogy (both new and old) are such classics, that people will view almost anything containing their characters. I mean if a Boba Fett video game ever came along, I would purchase it so damn fast!

But there are other characters (primarily from the prequel trilogy), such as Jar Jar Binks, who have made the complete opposite impression. That character is so almost universally disliked, that he all but disappeared from the remaining two prequel movies. But, a video made by production company M2FILM using computer generated Star Wars LEGO characters actually does a relatively decent job of showing what Jar Jar should have been, a rarely appearing side-character with a few moments to shine.

Now, just because Jar Jar is in it, don’t let you stop you from watching it. It is actually a very funny little video, with tons of Easter eggs in the background for fans of Star Wars.

Definitely give it a watch!

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