Bruce Wayne Drops a Batman Bombshell


Read comics much? Yes, no? Either way there is some huge Batman news to get you bastards talking around the water cooler.

Bruce Wayne is…..BATMAN! Wow, consider your mind blown. Haha, OK hears the real shocker:

In the final issue of Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin, which is being herald as one of the best Batman comic series since Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns in the 1980s, billionaire Bruce Wayne makes public something that has heretofore been one of the great secrets of DC Comics Batman myth.

SPOILER ALERT (like seriously stop reading if you don’t want to know. Reveal in 3…2….1)

Featuring artwork by Cameron Stewart and Frazer Irving with a cover by Frank Quitely, Batman and Robin #16 sees Bruce Wayne confess to a crowd of fellow Gothamites that he has been personally financing the Batman’s war on crime, that he’s been doing so for many, many years, and that in his capacity as Bat-benefactor, Wayne will be expanding the operation on a global scale — Batman, Inc.

The fictional news broke first in a story from the Associated Press, who spoke with writer Grant Morrison about this most novel myth twist.
“We’ve sidetracked the media that he has actually been financing Batman all these years,” Morrison explained of the long arc he’s written that has seen the Dark Knight plunge through time and space and have his mantle taken up by former Robin Dick Grayson. “He is the man behind the Batman, but he is not Batman.”

In doing so, Wayne is free to take his crime fighting international by building what Morrison calls a “global, international army of Batmen. Batman in China, Batman in Japan, Batman in Russia. Expanding the Batman brand to areas where he really hasn’t been before.”

So, does this mean all the villains can sue Wayne Enterprises? On a more serious note I think this is just as bad as when Spider-Man revealed his identity to the public in Marvels ‘Civil War’ series. Batman is, as a whole, a dark and mysterious vigilante figure. While we’ve seen many modifications to the character through out the years, this I feel makes the character lose a lot of his street cred. Take the mystery away. Then again this is new. This is different. Moving the legendary character into new possibilities. It could play out well.

The important question is : What Do You Think of Bruce Wayne’s Batman Funding Reveal?

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