Smartphones are everywhere these days, from seeing them at work, to people checking them at bars/parties, at school and even at home! They are a vital technology for many people, and yet, there is animosity between them.

Different smartphone users dislike other smartphone companies, and the individuals that use them.

Here is a real world situation that I have seen:
Guy – Check out pictures of my kids!
*Pulls out Blackberry*
Girl – Ohh, how cute! Want to see a video of mine?
*Pulls out iPhone*
Guy – Does yours have Blackberry messenger?
Girl – There’s an App for that
Guy – Mine’s cheaper!
Girl – Mine’s an Apple product, and therefore better!
Guy – Well … mine has a keyboard!
Girl – There’s an APP FOR THAT!
Guy – Stop saying that!!!
Girl – Make me!

It only got worse from there … so, the hatred is clear. But what has been somewhat murky, is why.

The folks at Geekologie have thankfully provided a nifty diagram showing what Android, Blackberry and iPhone users think of themselves and others.


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