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Wonder Woman had her invisible jet, Harry Potter had his cloak of invisibility and Iron Man had his stealh armor, when are we getting this piece of Science Fiction? Thanks to science we already have Harry’s cloak, made from a meta-material that blocks objects from light with long wavelengths. Sure, it’s not true invisibility but that’s where the scientist comes in. The building blocks of meta-materials, the meta-atom, needs to be to be small enough to interact with visible light the backing of meta-materials is stiff and rigid (giggity), which won’t allow for a practical application, such as the invisibility cloak. Why not just remove the meta-atoms from the meta-materials? Won’t that give it a true, flexable form?

The answer is “Yes” and they’ve developed an elaborate technique for doing just that. By removing the aforementioned meta-atoms and stacking these together an independent, flexible material can be created. This new material is called Meta-flex and the entire process of how it’s created can be read about on the New Journal of Physics. This “Meta-flex” could very well be applied to a wide variety of uses, Dr. Di Falco gives us an example:

“Meta-materials give us the ultimate handle on manipulating the behaviour of light. The impact of our new material Meta-flex is ubiquitous. It could be possible to use Meta-flex for creating smart fabrics placed on disposable contact lenses to create super lenses that could further enhance vision. Typical lenses generally have some form of limitation, such as aberration or limited resolution, but these perfect lenses would have none of these deficiencies.”

There you have it nerdbastard readers. One day we could have a world where commando soldiers complete missions with anyone knowing that they been there. Police could diffuse a hostage situation. A teenager could order an actual Invisibility suit to spy in the girls locker room. Just think of how many “peeping tom” cases are going to be filed.

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