Zombieland 2 Comin’ at Ya!

Zombieland 2 3D

Zombieland 2 is coming at us folks- literally!  The film will be shown in 3D, reports writer Rhett Reese as well as director Reuben Fleischer. Fleischer had this to say to MTV about the film ,

“I think it’s cool to see stuff fly at your face.  The idea of zombies splattering into the lens is exciting for me.”

Reese is currently working on the project with writing partner Paul Wernick.  The original cast of Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson and Abigail Breslin will be returning, accompanied by some more survivors. According to Reese, Zombieland 2  will continue to creatively display the world of the undead to us.  reese also had this to say,

“We’re making ‘Z2’ a bigger movie. Everything will happen on a grander scale”…”The original cast all want to return. That said, none of them have seen the script yet. And if they love it or don’t love it, that might impact their decision.”

Now as far as cameos for Z2 can they really top “Bill fucking Murray”?!  However, I expect someone good to show up in Zombieland 2 nonetheless.  Now I know EVERYTHING is pretty much being shown in 3D today but I actually think this one will be badass this way!    Check out director Reuben Fleischer talking to MTV about Z2 in 3D.

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