DEXTER (Season 5)

While not as good as last week’s episode “Everything is Illumenated,” this newest episode certainly introduced some very interesting characters, as well as clearly identifying the overall arc for the season.

In this episode, we were finally introduced to two more men that were involved with Lumen’s imprisonment and torture – Watch Guy and Suit n’ Tie. After Suit n’ Tie drove away with the bodies of the girls in the barrels and got into a car accident, Dexter found a carefully folded suit jacket (clearly belonging to Suit n’ Tie).

I like how it was thanks to Lumen’s  memory from those horrible situations that  allowed Dexter to recognize the suit jacket from the car accident as belonging to Suit n’ Tie, who was revealed as Cole, the head of security for a motivational speaker named Jordan Chase.

It is frankly about time that Chase, the motivational speaker whose tapes were rather creepily playing in Boyd’s house, is finally revealed as the villain on the show. There was far too much focus on them in those earlier episodes for him not to have a part to play in the rest of the season. Now, while we don’t exactly know the exact nature of these crimes, or how far back they go, the writer’s are definitely taking their time with this arc as compared to previous seasons.

Other than the reveal of these two characters, some very important plot points also occurred.

Firstly, Dexter planted evidence of Boyd being in the truck to make the police go on a wild goose chase, so that he and Lumen could hunt and kill Chase. This lead to an extremely significant moment, as Lumen saved Dexter’s life. Dexter, who prides himself on always being prepared and in control (a fact Lumen commented on earlier in the episode), was saved by Lumen, a woman who’s actions are dictated only by her emotions. This is clearly leading them into the path of some sort of a relationship, especially with the final scene of Lumen playing with Harrison and Dexter admitting that she is a “partner.”

Deb had a bit of a step backwards this week, as she did not want anyone at work to find out their relationship, and did not want to talk to Quinn about moving in together. And, I gotta say, Quinn wanting to look for a house for the two of them already is awfully fast! Meanwhile, Quinn’s detective found out about Lumen (though he doesn’t know her name yet), and offered to dig deeper as long as he will continue to get paid.

As for the Santa Muerta case, the new stakeout at Club Maya went totally down the crapper, no thanks to Laguerta, who was in charge of the operation. Her bad choices resulted in an officer being put in danger, three civilian injuries, the informant being shot and Deb being forced to kill one of the Fuentes brothers. And the worst part is that Laguerta blamed everyone except for herself for how it turned out, which can only lead to bad things down the road.

This episode of Dexter was a very solid episode that will help lead us into the middle of the season, with the partnership between Lumen and Dexter realized and the reveal of the bad guys of the season. I would give this episode seven and a half blood-stain slides out of ten for the introduction of … possibilities.

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