Darkwing Duck Returns!


Do you remember the character Darkwing Duck?

He was an animated character made by Disney in a television show that ran in the early-to-mid 90’s. I will admit, I watched a few episodes back in the day, and the theme song was catchy – “Darkwing Duck! Let’s … get … DANGEROUS!” (You can watch the classic opening to the cartoon show song here)

I’m all for nostalgia, and it appears that so is Boom! Studio’s, who are bringing back the Batman-esque hero of the Disney universe in a trade comic book form later this month.

According to ComicsAlliance, the story is entitled “The Duck Knight Returns,” and similar to the Batman story it is modeled after (The Dark Knight Returns), Darkwing hung up his cowl, but now must come out of retirement to save his fair city, St. Canard.

Check out the link here for an amazing 18 page preview! Below are some tastes of the artwork.





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