Han Solo Just Makes It Out Alive


Really Harrison? You thought it would be prudent to be dead at the end of Jedi. That is such a COP OUT! What a way to shit on your legacy! Harrison, like Carrie Fisher, you are always  begrudgingly willing to talk about what made you a superstar. Harrison! You were a CARPENTER at the studio that George Luca was at, and when he walked in with Ricard Dreyfuss he asked you to wipe away the sawdust and READ FOR HIM!! That isn’t eve lightning striking once, or twice. It’s like your on a ladder, a black cat runs under it, you break a hanging mirror, than you get struck by lightning, fall off the ladder, and accidentally scratch a million on a lottery ticket.

You Dick. I know you’ve been famous for a long time. But imagine sitting in your underwear in a hoodie, with no heat in your house, trying to get the news out to the people. Freezing, poor, and only a small enough integrity to get you going everyday. You eat your caviar off your golden spoons everyday, and I’m eating dry toast. Try to have a little more respect for the people who made you who you are today…Or else I’m going back to Greedo shooting first.

“As a character he was not so interesting to me. I thought he should have died in the last one, just to give it some bottom. George [Lucas] didn’t think there wasany future in dead Han toys.”

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