Any nerd will tell you that the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine sucked. It wasn’t thematic, had no tension, and made a mockery of the iconic characters rich and dynamic history. In other words, it’s so bad it causes diseases.

Regardless of en-raged fans, a sequel was going to be inevitable.

Now, who the hell would want to make a sequel? Who would want to make a follow up to what is arguably the worst super movie of all time (OK, it’s not the worst, but it is certainly is one of the most disrespectful)? Who would want to be attached to that unwashable cum stain of a movie? Well, apparently….Darren Aronofsky (The Fountain, The Wrestler).

Truth be told, we’ve been hearing his name tossed around as possible director for quite some time, but we never took it seriously. Honestly, why would the visionary/master story teller of The Fountain and The Wrestler even consider such an offer? Beyond conceivable. Regardless, much to our surprise, he is taking the job….or, at-least we think he is.

The films cinematographer Matty Libatique had let it slip at screening of Aronofskys film ‘The Black Swan’ that he, again would be working with the director for Wolverine. Drew McWeeny at HitFix caught up with Aronofsky at a later press junket and confronted him about this reveal. Here is what Drew came back with :

The film that he’s directing is officially called The Wolverine, and there won’t be a number attached to it. In our interview, he referred to the movie as a “one-off,” and he emphasized that the film isn’t a sequel in any conventional sense.

Mind you there is still no official announcements confirming that Aronofsky will shoot the flick, but really that comment speaks for itself.

Motherfucker, the maker of ‘Pi’ and ‘Requiem For A Dream'” to “the director of ‘Wolverine 2′”? Never thought it would happen. But, now that it’s true I’m actually really freaking excited. Not only is ‘The Wolverine’ not going to be a sequel, which means we can forget about the skull fuck experience of the first one, but we actually might get a reboot that does justice to the character.

What do Wolverine and Aronofsky have in common? They both have a lot to offer. Aronosfky’s films are all about emotion and Wolverine is a character of emotion all into himself. This is a perfect pairing. Hopefully Aronofsky will embrace the violent nature of the character and give us something confusingly awesome and complex, as he’s known to do.

What say you? What do you think about Aronofsky directing? What do you think of the title ‘The Wolverine”? Share you thoughts with the group.

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