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This week the undead are alive and it’s time to “Tell it to the frogs” in this week’s saga of The Walking Dead. Rick encounters fellow survivors, a rescue attempt is put into action and lovers are reunited (and divided). Looks like it’s just another day in Georgia and another fine showing from AMC. With a very pleasing and wonderfully shot opener you know the tone is going to be a stressful one.

The show opens with our left behind Merle Dixon, last seen screaming at T-Dog for dropping the key (see “Guts”) talking to himself in a state of insanity only to snap and try pulling of the handcuffs. With the undead trying to break down the door Dixon resorts to using his belt to reach for a hacksaw to cut the cuffs. His fate unknown. A very tense and slightly uneasy opener, it actually makes you feel bad for guy who only an episode earlier was pseudo top dog.

After the credits we’re treated to a nice conversation between Shane (Jon Bernthal) and young Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) on learning to catch frogs. Nice dialogue between the pair of them. It was almost a father/son moment between the both of them until the arrival of sirens. With Glenn pulling up in a sports car everyone assumes that the rest of the group who had gone into the city for supplies has come back ok. This scene reunites our hero Rick Grimes with his wife and son. It was touching and very emotional. Shane of course isn’t too happy about this. He has to relinquish his love for Lori and can no longer have a fatherly relationship with Carl. Things with this triangle are setting up to get real tense. Later that evening, with everyone around the fire, plans are discussed as to who’s going to tell Dixon’s brother that he was left shackled to top of a building. In a scene between husband and wife, Rick tells Lori how he didn’t hope, but knew she and Carl were alive. Husband and wife reunited, what’s the first thing to do? Have some “welcome back” sex, or course. They do it with Carl asleep in the corner (gross). All while the man Lori was cheating on with watches from the tent outside.

Upon daybreak Rick awakens, sans uniform, to see life for the survivors and Glenn sad at the loss of his new car getting stripped for parts. Every is suddenly startled by a scream from Carl and investigate a lone walker feasting on a dead deer. With no food in the city Zombies have begun to make their way out. After a quick disposal of the walker by the group we are then introduced to Daryl Dixon. Shane tells Daryl that his brother was left behind but Rick intercedes, explaining why Daryl’s brother was left behind. More than furious, Daryl and Rick engage in a quick struggle only to have it ended with help from Shane. Once calmed down, Rick tells everyone he’s going back to Atlanta. It’s not only to get Merle, but to get that bag of weapons lost towards the end of episode one (Days Gone By).

Rick along with Glenn, Daryl and T-Dog gear up for Atlanta.  Shane begins to show opposition to Rick’s choice until he’s told of the bag of the ammo and guns left in the city. Lori isn’t t0o happy about Rick leaving either. She demands to know why she would Risk his life for ass hole like Dixon. Rick explains that no man should die like that. He also tells of the walkie talkie left behind that he was using to stay in contact with Morgan and Duane. He wants to warn them to not make the same mistake he made in going into the City.

While Rick and his crew are making their way to Dixon another good scene ensues back at the camp. Shane and Carl are try catching frogs in the river as the female survivors talk about what they miss since the world ended. Great humor, showing that even in a dead world people still miss a battery operated device (a.k.a vibrators). All laughs until  the wife controlling Ed (Adam Minarovich) butts in and ruins the fun. He gets a good talking to from the ladies until he smacks his wife. Shane, overlooking the scene shows his respect to the ladies by beating Ed to the point of being black and blue.

As tension mounts towards the episode we discover the fate of the missing Dixon. Body missing, hand left behind, cut off with the hacksaw he was trying to reach out for!

Where has the Dixon gone? Is he even still alive? What about the triangle between Rick, Shane and Lori? Looks like we’re all going to have to wait till next week for episode four, entitled “Vatos”. With only three episode left this season The Walking Dead has plenty of life left in it.

They showed real character development from the entire cast for this episode and that includes young Carl. While having the least lines of “Tell it to the frogs” the writer’s have shown him growing up quickly, with a great deal of faith in his father. This pacing doesn’t feel like it was sped up or slowed down, they have perfected their style of storytelling three episodes in. While I would have like them to expand just a little more on Lori and Shane it was still a perfect setting once again. Episode three is a solid 8.5 out of 10. While it is a story driven episode, it could have done better stretching out a few scenes here and there. Another great Sunday all around.

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