A few years ago, there was a beloved sci-fi TV series called Firefly starring a lovable, dumb tough guy named Jayne Cobb who occasionally wore a orange knitted cap with red ear flaps and a yarn pom-pon on top. *Clear throat- “Oh, He robbed from the rich  and he gave to the poor.  Stood up to the man  and he gave him what for.  Our love for him now ain’t hard to explain. The hero of Canton the man they call Jayne.”. Anyway, back to the hat. It is a character into itself. It’s a relic among nerds. Fans pay homage to Jayne by knitting a replica of his delightlful hat and wear it proudly. It’s so delightful that people are dressing as the hat for sci-fi conventions now.

Yep, some crafty nerdy girlie dressed as Jayne’s hat at this years Dragon Con.

I must say it displays wit, humor, fantasy, appropriateness to body type, quality of construction, and is recognizable to any lover of the source material…….OK FUCK IT! I can’t do this. I freakin’ love Firefly, and I love my fellow geeks, but this is just damned weird.

To quote Lieutenant Womack, “That hat makes you look like an idiot.”

source: geeksaresexy


Jayne’s Hat (For Reference):

Jayne’s Hat Cosplay:

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