Can You Handle The Triple Meat Log?

gamer-girl-corndog (1)

No that’s not a giant fried twinkie that she’s trying to cram in her mouth (giggity). That folks, is the Triple Meat Log a.k.a. the Chuck Norris of corndogs. The awesome people over at Epic Meal Time took a break from their Call of Duty: Black Ops playing in order to show us how to make this massive meat log.

The corndog is made out of 3 XL hotdogs, wrapped in cheese, 18 slices of bacon and ground beef. Then it’s covered in yellow cornmeal and then deep-fried. Of course, it’s served with a nice bowl mayo mixed with the bacon grease that you have from making the bacon earlier. To make it epic, they used a large wooden spoon as the handle.

Check the video out as you get to see the lovely lady pictured above take on the massive meat on a stick and imagine yourself trying to eat one of these.

Source: Geekologie

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