Superman Casting is Underway

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Faster than a speeding busboy, able to leap higher thanks to wire supports, it’s the next star of the ‘Superman’ franchise.

Sure, you think they would have started casting months ago but that’s not how director Zack Snyder rolls. As for Jon Hamm (nerd dream for the role) it’s a sure bet that he won’t be our blue tight wonder, since he’s going to be busy filming Mad Men in 2011. Don’t expect to see Brandon Routh anywhere near the cape and boots either thanks to ‘Superman Returns’, that soiled his chances. So, if your an actor between the ages of 28 and 32 and haven’t been discovered yet, send in you tight fitting sizes now.

Thanks to Deadline we can assure you that filming is tentatively set for June of next year. If any actor you know of is currently on tv right now then you might as well give up hope on seeing them in the classic blue and red jumpsuit. Names have been tossed around like Armie Hammer (The Social Network)Tyler Winklevoss, True Blood’s Joe Manganiello and The Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder as future names of a Superman shortlist one day. With Warner Bros. producing the picture alongside Legendary Pictures with Chris Nolan and David S. Goyer creating story, and Goyer cleaning up the script alongside Snyder this could be the Superman that does it’s character right.

The only thing that could really make or break this project is who that will eventually cast as Clark Kent. Here’s hoping they make the right choice.

Via: Deadline

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