A Doctor Who Christmas….Carol

Doctor Who - A Christmas Carol featuring Matt Smith

I dunno about you but I’m pretty damn sick of adaptations of Charles DickensA Christmas Carol”. The last good adaptation was “Scrooged” starring Bill Murray. The timeless tale has just been overdone. It’s turned into just another lame Christmas pageant that we all know the story and words to. I personally just can’t take any more incarnations of it. A Doctor Who version on the other hand, that I may have to make an exception to.

The BBC released this ominous a trailer for this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special; it’s A Christmas Carol. I haven’t watched Matt Smith as the Doctor yet, but I’m excited about this special. While it’s another rehashing of ‘A Christmas Carol’ , you have to keep in mind that this is Doctor Who. It’s not exactly going to be a straightforward take on things, now is it? If you think about it, The Doctor is the ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. And, as far as I know in all its 50 years on TV Who has never done a take on A Christmas Carol. If that doesn’t sell you then check out who’s playing Scrooge. Michael Gambon. That’s Dumbledore bitches!

In better news, BBC America is actually airing the Christmas special in America on Christmas day. A nerd Merry Christmas indeed.

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