As most of you know Darren Aronofsy, the mad genius behind such captivating films like Requiem For a Dream, The Wrestler and Black Swan has been given the director chair  for ‘The Wolverine’. FOX‘s follow-up to X-Men Origins: Wolverine. With the latter still leaving a stale after taste in every fan-boys mouth (it was a bad, bad, bad film) it’s been called into question on whether there would be any hope left in any X-Men franchise while Fox still holds the right. Even with Aronosky, one of our generations most visionary and challenging directors at the helm people just didn’t have faith. Folks have been thinking that Fox wouldn’t let Aronofsky be Aronofsky. Restrain him from his process and force him to do things under their iron fist. Well, Aronofsky, at a Black Swan press junket recently spoke out about this very concern. He may have given nerds the hope to hold their heads high.

Here’s what Aronfsky had to say about why he took on the project in a recent interview with Dave Poland:

I think I’m being hired because of who I am; I’m not being hired to turn into someone. I’m being hired to do what I do. I don’t know exactly if [Fox head Tom Rothman] knows what he’s bought, but we’re going to make something great.

And by way of deeper explanation, he said,

I’m just trying to have fun, and for the first time in my life…Every single film I’ve done so far, I’ve been the only person in the room who wants to make the movie, and I kind of am excited about doing a film where actually everyone wants to make it — just to see what the experience is like and see if I can do what I do in that world. It’s not like I’m going to change my process. I’m going to be working with the same team and making…really trying to do something very, very different.

And, just in case you’re still concerned that there will be any overt effort made to reconcile this film with the rather terrible X-Men Origins: Wolverine, take this to heart: “[The Wolverine is] a standalone piece that has nothing to do with anything in the whole franchise or in that universe.” And when Dave Poland says that some of Tom Rothman’s strategy in making tentpole films with certain directors has been gutsy, Aronofsky laughs. “He doesn’t even know how gutsy it is”

Personally I’m trying really hard not to get excited because you know between now and the time the film is ready for release, Tom Rothman could find a way to screw it up. On the other hand Aronofskys “the best there is at what he does, and what he does isn’t very nice”.

Here’s the video interview, check it out if you can and tell us what you think! Are you a little more excited about The Wolverine?

The rumored story of the screenplay, written by Christopher McQuarrie, will feature Logan in the midst of a romance with a Japanese woman who is married to another man. To win her hand, he must literally battle her samurai-filled family. It’s based on the Chris Claremeont/Frank Miller mini-series from 1982.

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