When we saw some games that will be coming out for the Kinect back in E3, we saw a potential Star Wars game. The only thing the demonstration of that video showed was how you could use the force to fight your enemy, it didn’t really show much lightsaber action.

Not even a month has passed since the motion camera’s release, we have a video of the Kinect recognizing a wooden stick and displaying it as a lightsaber. With OpenKinect, OpenCV, image processing and tracking, the Kinect was able to do this. Sure, the Kinect is suppose to be about not using a controller or anything but it just wouldn’t feel right not holding anything in your hands (insert hand job joke here) if one wants control the lightsaber the way they want it to.

If anything, the Star Wars kid should do a remake of his original video with this technology and I’m sure magic will be created.

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