When Konami brought the Silent Hill games to us folks, we all got a different taste of the survivor horror genre…and also having us change a new pair of underwear as the game did its job to scare the hell out of us. Last year, Konami did a fantastic remake of the first game and released it as Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. They made the game play all about the psyche of the gamer and they took away the ability to fight so it’s all about surviving.

In this video, we see two best friends, as the title suggests, playing the game and their commentary is hilarious as we have the one asshole friend and the one passive friend. They do a series of videos like this but this one is one of their best as I had a good laugh at the end. Check the video out as it might be a good way to start your Monday morning and also check out the game if you ever get the chance.

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