Intelligent, ballsy, gorgeous, normally a combination that doesn’t go together however, in Anne Hathaway’s case they fit together quite well.  And thus why she may be considered to play a character with similar attributes in Zach Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel movie.  Hathaway could potentially be playing the role of Lois Lane in the upcoming film.

Since the production is looking for a somewhat under the radar actor to play Kent, having an established actress like Hathaway to stand behind him would be key.  It’s like they say, “Behind every great man there stands a great woman. ”  And this is exactly the kind of formula that could make this film work.

In recent press for her new movie Love and Other Drugs Hathaway poked fun at her resume which is chalk full of Rom Coms,

“I think I’ve exhausted that muscle.”

This is certainly the case and although she has been fantastic in them it would be nice to her dive into something new.

Filming for Snyder’s Superman will most likely begin in June 2011.  I certainly hope that Hathaway is on board when this happens. After watching her in role for years now, Hathaway is the perfect at playing quirky and sexy and commanding all rolled into one and making it look good and remaining really likable.  Being able to do so will allow her to play a reporter who is head strong yet still remains vulnerable in a field dominated by men and is certainly not a stretch for her.

What do you guys think about Anne Hathaway as a potential Lois Lane?

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