Yo dude, you still think the Kinect is for them casual folks? Well then, you should check this video out just to see how really difficulty Kinect games can be. As shown in the video below from the game Kinect Joy Ride.

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So yeah, as you see, this video has made quite the impact in the online gaming community as it shows how some Kinect games may work. Reactions have been mixed as some gamers just see this as a reason to not jump on the Kinect band wagon while some are defending it saying that the game is “kids oriented” and thus why it does the auto-drive.
Personally, I’ve found Dance Central to be the one game that does the Kinect justice but I’m sure some folks will find a flaw in that game and tell me that it’s not really registering my dance move. If anything, check out the dude’s (from the video) blog entry on this as he explains why he did this and his feelings about the Kinect.

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