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This vintage, in the box He-man was once owned by legendary actor Leonardo DiCaprio and soon it could be yours. Yes, you could own this mint condition collectable for the low price of $9000. Yes I know, it isn’t cheap but its carded and graded vintage He-man action figure from the 1980’s. You like the Masters of The Universe don’t you, well then buy this piece of gold right now.

From the online listing:

Hi, This is a 1982 series 1/8 back MOTU He Man w/warranty. AFA 85 Card 80, Bubble 85, Figure 90. There are only 12 of these graded and this is the highest graded example. The pictures a fuzzy because it is still in the plastic from AFA, I never removed it.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own 2 pieces of history all in one purchase. The highest graded 1/8 He Man w/warranty, and previously owned by the talented and very famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio. This comes with a C.O.A. (Certificate Of Authenticity) signed by Tom Derby.

Only 12 graded cards and Leo’s is the highest grade. That just shows you that if you were in a few successful movies here and there you too can resell your Beanie Babies for a mint. If your interested in owning a piece of young Leo’s history then place a bid. If not, just go back to the flea markets and search for those hidden gems.

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