Ray Wise Joins X-Men First Class Cast


Adding to the already jam packed cast of X-Men: First Class is Ray Wise (Reaper, Twin Peaks).  Wise announced recently,

“I’m playing the Secretary of State of the United States. I’ll be going over there in the next couple of weeks,” Wise also commented that he might “touch on” a few sequences involving significant visual effects.

Wise’s role although small should have quite the presence on screen.  His features are striking and unforgettable.

When Wise mentioned “there” he means in and around Oxford where filming has been taking place for quite a while now.  The plot entails the X-Men characters we all grown to love but as youngster back in Professor X’s school for Gifted young minds.

Wise will be joinging a cast consisting of James McAvoyJennifer LawrenceMichael Fassbender and many more.

Source: SlashFilm

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