Well isn’t this just a big whopping slap in the face!?  It’s recently been reported by studio insiders that Joss Whedon, the one we hold up on that Sci-Fi Vampire slaying pedestal of ours actually turned down the opportunity to be in charge of his beloved creation, Buffy.  So why did Joss do this you may ask??

Supposedly, Whedon was too consumed with the upcoming Avengers movie and couldn’t be trifled with for an opportunity to bring a cult classic like Buffy to the big screen.  Granted that Avengers is an epic undertaking and deserves someone as extraordinary as Whedon but does that mean that it should take precedence over something that Joss has put years of blood (lots of blood), sweat and tears into?

So the next logical choice after rightsholder Fran Rubel Kuzui and husband Kaz Kuzui decided to release them for a remake is to find someone that will actually do it.  When someone like Whit Anderson comes along, with a clear vision of what the remake should be and has grown up with an attachment to the character portrayed by Gellar than why not let them take the reigns.  As much as I hate to say this and it doesn’t lessen the pain of Whedon not being attached to the project, but Joss, stop your bitching!

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