The Doctor Who clip the BBC didn't want you to see

If you were to look up Awesome in the dictionary, this would be the definition.

Matt Smith, the current Doctor Who, appeared on Craig Ferguson‘s Late Late Show Nov. 16. In honor of the occasion, Craig Ferguson and others performed a delightful song-and-dance routine that explained Doctor Who to people not familiar with it.

It was unaired.

Craig Ferguson said at the beginning of the show that five minutes before they started filming his producer told him they didn’t have clearance on the music. Later in the show he said that he hoped no unscrupulous person released it to the internet and if they did he’d see that they got promoted

We don’t know who originally leaked the clip, but we salute the the bastard that did. The clip is full of awesome!

I didn’t think I could love Craig Ferguson any harder… I WAS WRONG.

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