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Hans Zimmer has confirmed he will write the music for Snyder’s Superman film, which is excellent news. Unfortunately, the music will not include any of the classic Superman themes composed by John Williams and featured in the previous five Man of Steel movies.

What the hell? Even when reboots or sequels have had new music the core of the great theme music have been used as a “base” to create the updated music.

“It’s a hard one,” mused Zimmer, “but I followed one of the most iconic things on ‘Batman’ with Chris as well, and it’s the same thing. You are allowed to reinvent, but you have to try to be as good or at least as iconic and it has to resonate and it has to become a part of the zeitgeist. That’s the job. On ‘Gladiator’ I remember people always talking about ‘Spartacus’ and I kept telling them, ‘When you saw “Spartacus” and how it affected it you, that’s how I want a modern audience to be affected by what we do now.’ So I think ultimately you’re supposed to reinvent.”

Here’s the rub. One look at Hans Zimmer’s work shows that if anyone can pull off this change, it will be Hans. Zimmer’s work trends toward lots of bass and dark tones which differs from John Williams Superman themes. Depending on how Snyder approaches the character of Superman, Hans may be forced to push his limits and expand his repertoire.

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