Great Scott, TellTale Games finally released a trailer for the upcoming episodic download Back to the Future: The Game. All I can say is that it’s damn awesome how it looks.

As far as plot goes, it seems that Doc has gotten himself in trouble both in 1985 and in some other time and it’s up to Marty to find and save him. The first episode, titled “It’s About Time” will be released later this month and will be available on the Playstation Network, PC, MAC, and the iPad.

In February we’ll see episode two, “Get Tannen!” Episode three is set for a March release date and is titled “Citizen Brown.” In April, episode 4 will be released and is titled Double “Visions.” Lastly, the final episode is titled “Outatime” but no release date was given.

What do y’all think? Are any of you ready to travel in time with Marty once again or do you think this will end up like every other video game based on a movie?

Source: Destructoid

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