Tron Light Cycle Replica!

Not Replica Bike Mentioned

Not Replica Bike Mentioned

Ever see cool shit in a movie and wish you could have it for real?  Well stop daydreaming and drooling on your sleeve while doing so because your dreams have come true.  Parker Brothers Choppers in Jacksonville, Fl have created a real life replica of the Tron bike!

Now there are some issues when it comes to taking turns, but other than that the thing is spot on and pretty sweet!  And you can own one for the cool price of $55,000.  Sure you would go into debt doing so, but come on, it would be totally worth it!

Here are some stats on this bad boy for those of you who care about that kind of stuff.  It has a steel frame with fiberglass body and a “V-twin engine from a Suzuki TLR1000.”  You can also choose between actual gauges and an iPad like touch screen version (holy crap is that cool!).  The bike  weights 474 pounds and  is about 100 inches long and 23 inches wide.

The Parker Brother bike shop attempted something like this before with the Batpod from The Dark Knight.  Unfortunately, Warners’ said that was a big no no and they were forced to auction them off.  There are only four of these bikes left, so act fast!  Check out a video of the bike in action here!

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