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Ever since we found out that Tom Hardy (Inception) was being cast in Christopher Nolan’s new Batman film The Dark Knight Rises, the rumors have been flying!  We’ve heard everything from him playing a gotham cop to even playing the Riddler, but of course we know that’s not the case (Chris Nolan said the the riddle man is not in the picture). Then it was speculated that he might take on the role of Dr. Hugo Strange,   In the comics, Strange is a genius, mad scientist who becomes obsessed with Batman, learns his secret identity and ends up dressing up like him. In Nolan’s Gotham, he likes to keep villains slightly more grounded in reality. So, it seemed like a logical idea.

With that said, there may be some truth to those theories. Sites like Ain’t It Cool News are saying that the plot of The Dark Knight Rises may be based on the comic ‘Prey’ which heavily focuses on the Dr. Strange character.  The plot of Prey unfolds as thus,

It begins with a task force, headed by Commissioner Gordon, assigned to hunt Batman and devolves into Dr. Strange dressing up as, and psychologically toying with, Batman and Bruce Wayne once he figures out his identity. 

Although the entire story of the Dark Knight Rises may not be based on the Prey comic it may slightly inspire it.  The is also a tiny feature for Catwoman which is sweet because it will allow for another villain and also fuels those rumors that Nolan still may be looking to cast a sexy female to play a part in the final installment of Nolan’s Batman saga.

So what do you guys think of the potential Prey storyline?  Do you like it, and is Nolan going in the right direction by doing it??

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