Walking Dead Marathon: Be Fast or Be Jerky


If you haven’t been bitten by The Walking Dead yet, there’s still time!  Today AMC is running a Walking Dead Marathon showing all the episodes right up to the airing of the season finale.  Set your DVR, Check your schedule, and nerd out to the number two show on television in 2010 as ranked by Stephen King.  You know who that is don’t you?  The master of horror, the prince of scary, the Duke of making you wet your pants!

For those of you already infected by The Walking Dead, shamble over to your favorite lounge chair and relive those great moments that sucked you in, chewed you up, and spit you back out!

The shootout that leads to Rick’s coma, the hordes of walkers in Atlanta, the abandonment of Merle, the undead attack at the camp, the survivors’ treacherous journey to the CDC… It’s all happening today., Dec. 5 at 4:30/3:30c, followed immediately by the Season Finale at 10/9c.

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