Another Dexter episode is in the can, and it certainly ramped up the tension, didn’t it?

This is what a great second-to-last episode of a season should do, and yes, I am sad to say but next week is the Season 5 finale! This episode wrapped up a major storyline, created new and bigger problems, and took the audience for quite the ride.

The episode started off with Dexter and Lumen planning how to kill Chase, and inadvertently finding one of Liddy’s bugs. Further probing and investigation by Dexter revealed that the bugs and other equipment was signed out by Quinn, which resulted in Dexter and Lumen attempting to discover the truck used. This was my only real complaint about this episode, as it went on a little long.

Meanwhile, Deb continued to make waves regarding her “vigilante” theory, and damn if she isn’t too smart for her own good sometimes! The conversation between Deb and Dexter describing how utterly insane, and yet romantic, the love between the vigilante and her significant other rang eerily true for Dexter and Lumen’s relationship. I think that Lumen and Dexter can work out, much more so that Rita and he ever did. Most likely this won’t happen, but I’m holding on that the writer’s have realized what a good thing they have going between the Michael C. Hall and Julia Stiles.

For a long time it has not been beyond the realm of possibility that someone new will eventually discover Dexter’s secret, and it is looking more and more like it will be Deb. How will she react? Well, that’s still on the fence. Deb seems to have a great respect for the law, and yet, also for the vigilante work that Dexter does. But beyond that, if she does know, what will she do? Guess we’ll have to see.

In the most tension-packed sequence of the season, Dexter discovered Liddy the same moment where Lumen approached Emily after receiving a panicked phone call from her. Not only was Chase waiting to ambush Lumen in Emily’s house, but Liddy tasered Dexter and threw him into the back of a van. Those two scenes, which were inter-cut between one another, had Dexter kill Liddy with Quinn outside while Chase killed Emily in a momentary loss of control. That was some good TV!

By killing off Liddy, the show managed to tie up a very big loose end, and say goodbye to a character that will frankly not be missed. If one good thing came out of Liddy’s investigation, it was this – Quinn is more suspicious of Dexter (even if he will not admit it). But, as loyal viewers know, characters that know the secret or think something is wrong with Dexter never stick around very long. Does that mean Quinn will die? Maybe. You never know with the show.

Leading into the finale, on one hand we have Dexter on the warpath to find Chase, who has now kidnapped Lumen. On the other, we have Deb and the entire Miami police department looking for Chase. How will the season end? What surprises do they have in store? Let’s face it, after the amazing ending to last season, something big is going to happen. But we will all have to wait just one more week to find out what!

One more thing I should make note of is that I really like how Dexter and Lumen’s relationship was portrayed here. They were not infatuated with one another, fighting or walking around on cloud nine

like on other shows. They were just enjoying their time together and filled with little moments of them holding hands or putting a hand around a waist. And Dexter buying Lumen a knife because a ring, “just isn’t her,” summed up their relationship perfectly.

After all, they have some “serious shit.”

I give this episode eight and a half blood-stain slides out of 10 for driving the plot towards the end with tension and style. I am eagerly looking forward to next week’s season finale, as well as dreading the 10 or so month wait until season six!

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