jenny beck

(‘Guess Who Monday’ is a weekly feature here at nerdbastards, where we challenge you to take a look at the latest, grown up, former child star and see if you can guess who they use to be. )

Cute? Check. Career over? Check. 80’s horror movie girl? You betcha. This girl was your atypical Nazi poster child, blond hair and blue eyes and acting in one of the worst horror movies ever made. RANKED. Lets see who this hot piece of ass was. If you want your world rocked, hit the jump.


Yay!! Its Jenny Beck from Troll part 1!! One of the best worst horror films straight outta the 80’s. Jenny played Wendy Potter, the little cutey pie possessed by said Troll. Her brother….HARRY, played by Atreyu from Neverending Story. Jenny didn’t do much after Troll, she went the route from film to television. Acting in such hits as Matlock and Roseanne. After that the trail goes cold. Cold as death. Save for a few scrappy pictures of her as a hot 20 something. Hopefully she does a Playboy pictorial soon. Its time for the Jenny Beck comeback!!

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