An Official One Piece Restaurant Set To Open


It seems every month, Japan opens up some sort of themed cafe/restaurant that is targeted towards a certain audience… ok, I do mean weirdos. Well, it seems that this fat weirdo is ready to pack himself in a crate and send himself to Japan due to Fuji TV announcing that they are opening an official One Piece theme restaurant.


As shown, the restaurant, Going Merry-Go, will have food based from the series such as “Luffy’s  favorite meat on a bone” to “Sanji’s ‘Terrible’ Soup” from volume 8, page 99. The restaurant will also be decorated like the interior ship it is named from and will hold events that will involves fans getting to meet the voice actors. The restaurant is set to open on December 11th until May 31st.

Seriously, who wants to send me to Japan because it would be AWESOME to go as One Piece has surpassed Dragon Ball/Z as my favorite anime/manga series of all time last year. Okay, I’ll stop begging as long as you all comment about what type of themed restaurant you would like to see open up and go to.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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