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The Ridley Scott Alien prequel has finally received a proper movie title. No longer known as “another Ridley Scott alien film” it can now be safely called Alien: Paradise.

The first known encounter of the xenomorphic alien species in this rebooted franchise will follow the usual premise of an Alien movie. A group of survivors being picked off by the aliens one by one until there is only one person, our heroine, left alive. Yet, who would this scrappy team of survivors actually consist of?

Those that fancy getting their news from nerdbastards should know by know that our heroine Elizabeth Shaw is being played by (hubba hubba) Swedish actress Noomi Rapace. Her fellow teammates we’ve come to learn  are the android “David” and the human “Vickers”. David is an early version of the Bishop 341-B android famously played by Lance Henriksen and Vickers, the forty-something yet tough and sexy woman of the crew. Ridley was interested in having actor Michael Fassbender in the role of David, but talks broke down thanks to Fassbender’s reps asking for an outrageous sum for their client. As for the role of Vickers, Ridley has high hopes of acquiring Michelle Yeoh of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Fame. The cast is being rounded out by having an older, business gentleman along for the ride but more interesting is the individual known as Engineer 1. Pulling a King Kong move for this role, this act will be done by a six-foot-five-inch actor and will be seen on film as an entirely CGI character. If the cards are right then it’s a good guess this isn’t done by veteran motion capture actor Andy Serkis, who stands at five-foot-eight-inches tall.

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