Jabba the Hutt Gets the Holiday Spirit


(Article by nerdbastards contributor Mark Poynter, A.K.A Mordrun)

Direct from Tatooine, Jabba sings a traditional Huttese Boonta Eve carol. Also perfect for celebrating Shelova Week, Winter Fete, and Life Day!

Solo Koga Tee-Tocky

Solo koga tee-tocky [alone bed-time]
Grandio koga tee-tocky [glorious bed-time]
Chuba azulus [it’s not dangerous]
Chone soong flootah [and it’s fresh]

Stuka sa chik youngee [see the young girl]
Cheeka an bukee [woman and boy]
Grandio peedunkee [glorious boy]
Hees waffmula [he’s cake]

Hunka be hunka be winkee [nap time, nap time, sleep]
Hunka be foonta winkee [nap time, satisfactory sleep]

Yuna puna dogu! [first-rate song!]
Kong ganta miku! [bring food now!]
Ganta bala…ayba…aygo…Ewok [bring meat…chicken…dog…Ewok]

Paul and Storm are the guys behind this Christmas miracle.  These guys are a hoot.  (That’s southern for very funny, gut busting funny, beer out of your best friends nose funny.)    They’ve been making people laugh for a while.  In 2008 they decided to start an annual Christmas project series.  Check out the past projects below, you won’t regret it and I am sure it will reignite your holiday spirit.   You remember that feeling?  The one you lost when you were nine and didn’t get your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Play House.

2008 – Paul and Storm – 25 Days of Newman –  A great album that’s down loadable and it’s name your own price!  You can hear all the cuts before you buy!  26 tracks of “Randy Newman” songs about great movies.

2009 – Paul and Storm – It might be Xmas – Eight great Christmas songs that you won’t hear on the radio.  Unless you listen to some cool off beat college radio.  Also a name your price download.

Paul and Storm are also a big part of Wootstock, a great show of music, comedy, and discussion.  One of my new favorite songs is “The Captains Wife’s Lament.”  Check it out below!

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