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Wil Wheaton in costume as Chaos the hacker on Leverage.

Wil Wheaton is everywhere, and I’m not talking about this “The Recursive Wheaton” t-shirt or the animated version.

Whoever did this wins at the internet.

The guy is showing up on all my favorite shows.  Big Bang Theory, Eureka, Leverage, The Guild, is there any show this guy can’t get on?  What’s worse?  He’s good, I’m talking Stand by me good.  No more laughing at Wesley.  Wheaton has hit a groove in life and you can see it in his acting and writing.  Yeah, the guy can tell a great story too.  Making appearances at conventions around the country and with the magic of the Internet we can all enjoy his talks on everything from Star Trek to raising kids.  At the Penny Arcade Expo 2010 Wheaton, DM Chris Perkins, Mike Krahulik, Jerry Holkins, and Scott Kurtz put on a great show of D&Ding.

Wheaton maintains his own blog where you can find him rambling about just about anything.  I would welcome him back, but I really think the guy never left, maybe he was just napping.

I can’t leave it without posting the infamous clown sweater.

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