“What is this I don’t even” is all I can think of as I watched this clip. In this clip, we got both Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale probably finishing up promoting The Fighter and the interviewer asks them to sing a song.

Bale out of no where, just starts singing the Powerpuff Girls theme and explains that since thats mostly what his daughter watches, the song is stuck in his head which is understandable since the theme is catchy (and I was humming it yesterday since it was on Cartoon Network). Of course, Wahlberg, out of no where as well, started his rendition of “The Touch.” Yes, the Stan Bush one.

Sooo yeah, I guess I’m freakin’ out on how to react to this because of the sheer mix of randomness, weirdness, and awesomeness, in which it makes my mind not know what to do. What do y’all think of this clip? Is your mind blown or do you think this is just lame?

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