Last month, LucusArts revealed the new DLC for Star Wars Force Unleashed II where players will be able to take Starkiller to the planet Endor during the Return of the Jedi time frame. At the time, most fans only imagine that this was their chance to zap the hell out of Ewoks but LucusArts had something else planned.

Yes folks, LucusArts has set it up where you, the player, kills Chewbacca and Han Solo. Now this isn’t the first time that LucusArts has altered the original trilogy story line as the Hoth DLC from the first Force Unleashed game had a different take for Obi-Wan and Luke as they faced against Lord Starkiller.

What do y’all think of this? Did LucusArts used too much liberties with the story for the DLC or is this the sort of thing you’re looking for when playing video games? If anything, this will be one way to start a nerd fight.

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